Serving the rural communities of Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Seco and Des Montes, Arroyos del Norte Elementary is the youngest district outpost of Taos Municipal Schools, established in 1996. Untraditionally for the district, but very fitting for the rural-residential environment, the campus was built as a collection of individual, pueblo-style classroom buildings connected by a portal-covered, outdoor walk. While the campus facilities are in good condition overall, the student population has outgrown its program space and been accommodated with (semi-permanent) portable structures.

Having previously completed a Master Plan Study of the campus, outlining necessary additions and facility improvements, LDG was fit for the 2009 contract to complete the new work. A 4,000sf classroom addition is slated to replace the portables and permanently house the auxiliary programs and Title One education. The exterior offers a modern interpretation of the pueblo style complete with monolithic massing, small square windows at the front and a storefront entry complete with a covered portal in the regionally popular corrugated metal roofing. The interior opens to playful geometry with exposed steel trusses overhead and nine-square windows that provide lots of natural light and capture the site's incredible views of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

Arroyos del Norte

Des Montes, New Mexico

Master Plan Study, Campus

Renovations, 4,000sf Classroom Addition

Under Contract for Construction