Lofts 900 is a mixed-use building designed in the contemporary Sante Fe style housing both commercial and residential uses. Extrusions and recesses at balconies and entrances are developed to create a dynamic facade. Out of this arises an efficient construction methodology where slab floorplates interact with columns, tilted facades, and cantilevered balconies. An earth-tone palette appears primarily on the elevations to further reflect a true Santa Fe style.

To permit natural daylighting and ventilation, a large amount of glazing and operable windows are designed into the project. While each unit has its own balcony, open floorplans allow for flexible interiors to be used for residential, office, or studio spaces.

The design incorporates a stormwater reclamation system for irrigation and toilet flushing as well as a ground loop heat exchange system to circulate water below ground and use the produced geothermal energy to heat the building. A Kalwall stairwell light naturally lights and dramatically enhances the space.

Lofts 900

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mixed-use Commercial/Residential