Rory Bilocerkowycz, Intern Architect

Hailing from the Windy City, Rory blew into Taos after receiving a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Oregon, in 2009.  During his five-year professional degree studies in the Northwest, Rory’s  love of the outdoors was fully realized by his participation in UO’s Outdoor Pursuits Program, through which he received  the Leadership Certificate, equivalent to an undergraduate minor. 

Highlights of Rory’s educational architecture experiences include managing construction of an off-grid eco-village, Punta Mona, in Costa Rica and managing a team of student volunteers for the University of Oregon’s Design Bridge, 2009 project, an annual community design-build program supported by UO. In Taos, Rory enjoys sharpening his design and project management skills using Revit and any other tools that come his way.   You can be sure to find him after work either rock climbing, mountain biking, skateboarding , or snowboarding all depending on the season, of course!

Rory Bilocerkowycz